Investment (English)

Free and independent registered association of VENEDIA (more at and, a non-profit company registered in the EU, specifically in the Czech Republic, hereby announces that it is opening its project focused on acquiring and holding land, to all solid investors. For their needs, VENEDIA is looking for land and they were offered to us in Romania, specifically in Banat (there are strong Slavic minorities living here, first of all Czechs and Serbs). Offered land has an area of 350 to 400 ha.a lies at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Nera and is compact. The project can, of course, be used as a window to the EU for both individuals and business subjects.

In accordance with EU law, the rules, regulations and standards of the Free and Independent Registered Association of VENEDIA will be applied in the territory purchased.

One for its operation, seens as a model of Maltese knights. Investing in property can be realized by depositing money (such as legal safekeeping) and the subsequent transfer through transparent VENEDIA´s account for the purchase of property in the RO (and money can not be applied to this account in any other way nor even by the laws of the Czech Republic, from account otherwise than just for the declared purpose). Investments are open to any person (civil, investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, organization ...) that do not enforce the intellectual and ideological attitudes towards the promotion of racial, class or group hatred and intolerance.

The minimum investment amount is CZK 100'000 (t.j.cca 3'900eur; 4'250USD; 3'500GBP and ev.4'225ChF), the highest permissible is not fixed. However, even the lowest amount does not have to be deposited by one investor, it can also be common for a group, which subsequently carries out its settlement (repayment of depositors, reallocation of land…). For more information, please call 00420 605 449 443 (Jan Linhart, Superior of the Association, for Czech language and Russian language and possibly also in French ) and e-mail: for English language.